Wednesday, March 02, 2005

theSTRAIGHTS: The cat's out of the bag; the St. Pete Times is end-runned.

For 17 years the St. Pete Times under Eugene Patterson reported on the horrors of Straight, Inc. in his neighborhood; but he's gone and Paul Tash and Andy Barnes won't touch it.

From 1964 - 1968 Eugene Patterson was vice chairman of the US Civil Rights Commission. Dr. Arnold Trebach was chief of the Office of Civil Rights for the US Justice Department in those days. That's why men like them are so abhorent to the practices of Straight, Inc. Now, despite all the attempts of Paul Tash and Andy Barnes to squelch the real story on Melville's favorite son, it just made a major leap into local journalism anyway. We tried to warn Ambassador Sembler and his accomplices that it was bad news the day Lee Drury De Cesare showed up at Father Cassian's zoning hearing (her husband used to be the mayor of Madeira Beach for goodness sake). If they didn't want to hear it, then why didn't they just leave well enough alone and keep themselves out of the spotlight. Read now Madeira Beach Mayberry Machiavellis Don't Know Nothing 'bout History, Jography, Readin', Writin', or Filin' for 'Lection by the First Lady of Pinellas County Lee Drury De Cesare. And also stop by her blog on The Sphinx Crist. It's really worth the trip.


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